Don’t miss the wood for the trees. This fight that Mahathir got going on with Pak Lah is not about doing the right thing. It is at best about putting his old crony’s rice bowl firmly where the padi fields grow. At the very worst of motives might be the will to further advance Mukhriz’s political career and provide continuity to the old ways.

Mahathir’s criticism of Scomi is justified. It has proved that Scomi does not garner very much government work and now that’s all open to scrutiny. Unlike a company called Opcom Sdn. Bhd. who had a direct nego approved by the Finance Ministry way back in 2003 when Mahathir was both Prime Minister and Finance Minister. The amount of the tender by Telekom Malaysia Berhad was two hundred and fourteen MILLION ringgit. The Ministry of Finance approved it, no doubt with the blessing of the then Finance Minister and Prime Minister, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad.

Opcom was listed on the back of this contract. Guess who sits on the board of that company and is a substantial shareholder? And to think that only recently Mahathir lied to the nation by saying to Malaysiakini that his sons are not involved in any Government business. Here is proof positive. PDF Letter from MoF authorising direct nego by Telekom.


6 Responses to Change

  1. flustered says:

    jeepers creepers… and mukhriz pretends he is as white as the riven snow as does his father. they should both be brought to justice.

  2. duamuka says:

    maha keeps harping on this very issue and now this comes out. shame.

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  4. A Voice says:

    Kami org Johor tuntut UMNO Johor yang sedang mengadakan Konvensyen pada hari Ahad dan Isnin ini supaya menyokong tuntutan DYMM Tuanku Sultan Johor untuk merobohkan Tambak Johor yang merupakan legasi penipuan penjajah terhadap negeri Johor.

    Kami juga tidak setuju dengan rancangan K(haz)ianat untuk SJER mengadakan Free Access Zone, pihak berkuasa otonomi SJER, memberi keutamaan kepada pelabohan & lapangan terbang singapura, dan menjadikan JB bandar satelit & tempat berhibur untuk Singapura.

    Daulat Tuanku!
    Daulat Tuanku!
    Daulat Tuanku!

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